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About Anthony

About Anthony

Hi!  I am Anthony Sinagoga, a born and raised Philadelphian with creativity and passion (oh, and ice water – but you’ll see that first hand when we work together) running through my blood stream.

Currently, alongside my Kindergarten Sweetheart and my two beautiful boys, I reside in the picturesque (and I don’t throw that term around lightly) town of Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

I’ve wanted to be a photographer since the 9th grade – but I thought that might be too narrow a focus – so I studied Radio Television and Film at Temple University, which provided me with an extremely stable and solid knowledge base that I still pull from today.  After a brief foreé into the world of media, I decided to follow my dreams and become a full-time photographer – and boy am I glad I did.  The power of photography – making something out of nothing – is what keeps me coming back, every time, for more.

I have grown and evolved Anthony Sinagoga Photography for the last decade – wow does it feel strange writing that – and I’ve enjoyed 99% of the moments that have come with.  Making clients happy is what I love, and seeing pure joy on their faces when they look at their final product, whether it be still or motion, is the most fulfilling payoff for me.  These are ideas coming to life, and moments captured in perpetuity – how could they not be happy!

Not a whole changed over the last ten years – until now.  Anthony Sinagoga Photography specialized in producing quality photographs for a diverse group of clients – enter video.  Video is something that has always fascinated me, but was never at the forefront of my business, and I look forward to producing more quality products for my clients through dynamic videography.  This broader scope required me to take a look at my business as a whole, and also my vision and mission.  Many of you may have noticed that our name has changed.

What was once Anthony Sinagoga Photography is now Sinagoga Visuals – a name change set to encompass my newest line of creative service – video.  We’re much more than just corporate photography, and I’d love to show you some of my more recent projects.  You can see them by visiting my portfolio.

In the meantime, contact me, and let’s get started brainstorming and storyboarding your ideas.  I look forward to the opportunity of bringing them to life in a format that captures and evokes the emotion you’d like your audience to feel.  Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.

I’m proud of what Sinagoga Visuals has become, and will do everything I can to bring your ideas to life through quality photography and videography.

All the best,